Season <span class="numbers">21</span> – <span class="numbers">22</span> — Être

Théâtre de Quat’Sous 


Season 21 – 22 — Être



Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Kelly Jacob
Ebel Montstroh
Tom Berthelot
Natasha Hernandez Canett
Philippe Bleau
Béatrice Munn
Christophe Sauvé
Éric Robillard
Elie Veilleux
Brigitte Lacoste
Isabella Forget
Josselin Pfer

In winter 2022, with the pandemic relatively under control, the Théâtre de Quat’Sous launched a short season of three shows ready to meet their audience. This time, the programming explores themes related to identity and bears the title We are not those who we believe to be. To illustrate the point, we imagined a blurry character… to a point where it becomes almost abstract. In a desire for unity, it is in this same spirit that the visuals of the shows join masses of blurred and distinct colours to photos of the actors.