Season <span class="numbers">19</span> – <span class="numbers">20</span> — Mutation(s)

Théâtre de Quat’Sous


Season 19 – 20 — Mutation(s)



Creative Direction
Graphic Design


John Londono
Thibault Ketterer
Tom Berthelot
Janick Sabourin Poirier
Sylvain Genois
Mélanie Lapointe

It is the notion of mutation that guided the programming of the 1920 season of the Théâtre de Quat’Sous. Olivier Kemeid, the Theatre’s artistic director, says: What I like about transformation, and mutation as its byproduct, is that they describe an action: that of shifting the gaze and, who knows, the nature of things”. He therefore wanted to bring shows together that would challenge order, preconceived ideas as well as values. In response to this starting point, we created photographic diptychs that put the characters in relation with their respective fictional environments. The visuals of the different plays are unified by colour pairings and a precise typographic system.