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In 1996, Benoît Lachambre founded Parbleux, a contemporary creation company, to support the production and broadcasting of his works along with related projects. After 18 creations and 25 years at the helm, his departure leads the company to start thinking about its future. Parbleux took it upon itself to reaffirm its mission and committed to support the development and enrichment of practices in contemporary dance by accompanying artists throughout the creation process and by encouraging their collaboration. New initiatives, such as residencies, workshops and counselling clinics all emerged from this initiative. To highlight this recent change, a new visual identity and a new website were needed.

The name Parbleux was originally born from the association of the initials of the choreographer Benoît Lachambre, BL, and EUX to designate the collaborators. As part of the new platform, we continue to put forward this notion of collaboration, but by relying instead on the X found in the name. Abstract, contemporary and genderless, the symbol becomes the central element of the platform. The signature comes in five variations while more illustrative and massive Xs have been developed to dress up different communication pieces.