Season <span class="numbers">18</span> – <span class="numbers">19</span> — Pouvoir

Théâtre de Quat’Sous


Season 18 – 19 — Pouvoir



Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Maxyme G. Delisle
Jérmie Battaglia

As part of his second season at the helm of the Théâtre de Quat’Sous, Olivier Kemeid wanted to deepen our link with the social body: But who has the power in the community, and what power are we talking about?”. This is how the programming for the 18 — 19 season was woven around this strong theme of power. To represent the whole production season, we chose the fist, a strong symbol, which we cast in plaster and deliberately damaged. For the posters announcing the shows, we conceptualized visuals featuring the hands of the subjects in line with the driving visual idea of the concept. The restrained colour palette, black-and-white photography, and full-width” typography contribute to the downright dramatic mood of the season.